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how new upcoming artists can promote music songs free in Nigeria.

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Below are list of things you can do to promote your new music videos and tracks as an upcoming musicians/music artist for free without having to concentrate too much effort searching for marketers who may not be willing to give your intellectual work the necessary support being an up coming music artist.

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1. Club banging Beats are good, but its no all that matters!: Its fast becoming a norm in Nigeria, for artist to visit a recording studio unprepared, request for a beat and build inspiration for lyrics that could match the flow of the beat. This should not be your case if your really want  to stay on top of your game for longer and want to remain popular when you get privileged to have that hit single announcing you to the world. Becoming a popular musician in Nigeria, you have got to be prepared to write good lyrics, backed with a well cooked up Studio beats, remember getting to the top in your music career is the best thing every new and upcoming music acts can wish for, but having a long reign and leaving your foot print behind makes the greatest different. beyond achieving fame, WRITE GOOD LYRICS! and watch your music announce itself to the public.

2. Is time to socialize more on social media: Maybe you are still not so sure or convinced about the power of social media's like Facebook, Twitter, instagram and so many other social media on the web can impact on your music promotion. But I guess is time you should seat down and strategies on how to catch attention of vast social media users, build on your fan base and Promote your songs free.

here are some tips that will help in you on social media;

2a: Do have a reasonable number of friends on Facebook; remember people on your Facebook friends list are all not necessarily known to you, you might have added a friend of your friend and friends suggestions of people you may know by FACEBOOK (warning: Only add a reasonable amounts of friends in a day and people you feel are likely to approve your friends request, else you get temporary banned by Facebook). Having a relatively large number of friends on Facebook will give your shared music post,Pictures and videos a wider reach and audience. whenever you share included a nice caption to your post and videos, which encourages comments and feedback from your social media friends. If you have a friend on Facebook with a larger friend list, you can seek their help to help you share that lovely music video you just posted or simply tag them and your post will be visible to contacts on their list, remember some that believe in you will share while some will turn you down, don't worry, such is life!

2b. Do some praise singing on twitter: now as we all know already, social media is all about bragging right, show offs and sometimes most things we read or hear are really not true. let me show you how singing praise of a particular popular music artist can get your new song or music video noticed and who knows you might be landing a big marketer or music producer that may be interested in you ( remember to do this in moderation) . This is how it works, follow that popular musician on twitter, be his great follower and always tweet and retweet stuffs about him, shows/concerts he is involved in, latest songs he just released, render praises of him and seat back to watch if he or she gets to re-tweet some of your tweets, remember to mention the popular musicians name as used on his twitter handle and keep the tweet short,including a link to some of your latest music works (use URL shorten app, to keep the link short enough to accommodate twitters 140 character limits of words). do this consistently and be patient, some day luck will shine on you and you will become a popular upcoming singer.

3. Talk to friends: The cheapest and free ways to promote your music and song videos are by words of mouth, talk to your close friends to help in transfer of your new singles on their phones, devices and gadgets to other of their contacts you don't know and ask them to encourage those friends of theirs to play the song and send back their constructive feedback and ratings about the song they just heard.

 4. Put your ears on ground for that next entertainment show in town: Fortunes will not smile at you seating in the four corners of the wall in your house, be abreast will latest information on music shows and audition venues and make plans to attend, by so doing you are creating awareness for your music career free of charge.

5. Request to perform your songs at some major clubs and Lounge: Make inquiry from major lounges and clubs in the city or state (Lagos,Abuja,Portharcourt) you live in, on their open days or night shows and ask the manager if he or she can allow you to entertain their guest at no cost, doing this without money might really not be easy on your cravings to boost your finances but then, it gives you needed stage confidence and experiences you will need in your later music career years.

6. Talk to Music DJ: submit your music works to Music Disc jockey's in town, ask them to be part of your journey to stardom,don't just talk, be very confident (yet humble) and  convincing on why they should. Remember if the songs are good enough they will be very obliged to give it a play at their shows.

7. submit new songs to MP3 music downloads websites: encourage wider audience that are out of your reach to listen to your songs by making it available for download online (just search for music download and submission website on Google, Bing, yahoo and other search engine sites) and submit your artistic music work.

8. Be patient: Remember good things don't happen over night and do not always come easy most times, so be patient nurture yourself, pray to God if you believe and keep working hard till you get those results you wished for and when you get to the top, don't stop working because you will need a harder amount of work to be on top of your music career.

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  8. Hello, I'm Chonmen by name am a hip hop/pop singer, an upcoming artiste in the city of Abuja looking for a record label. I have a single titled 'My Boo' and its online.
    Here is my number: 09035873232, or for more inquiries.
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