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cheapest,easiest ways Nigerian youths can travel abroad

How affordable can traveling abroad be?

You wondering how high the cost could get and feeling so bad you think its a dream so difficult to achieve because of your financial situation and lacking needed money to pursue your dream of foreign exposure, academic pursuit or finding a greener pasture to blossom in life.don't you worry as i will show you shortly how you can find your way to Europe, America, Asia, whatever your desired destination may be. But remember, these travel abroad advice for intending young Nigerians require sacrifice and commitment, which when judiciously done can make your dream of traveling abroad come through.

Larger percentage of Nigerian population desire to travel abroad to better their lives and in the process,many have deep hands in illegal activities, such as drug and human trafficking, but I tell you something, you don't have to go through those illegalities and constantly having to watch your shoulders for fear of been picked up by immigration and law enforcement agency abroad. If you must travel out of Nigeria, do it legally and safe yourself the aftermath pains and shame. Below advice and tips are best, cheap and easy ways to travel abroad.

1. Purpose & Planning; migrating to other countries aside yours to stay either on a permanent or temporal basis is a life long decision which may turn out well if well planned or makes life miserable if no clear purpose and plans are been put in place.

2. Action Plan; now you have a plan and purpose, which is to travel abroad, next is how do you fund the budget of traveling (processing your Visa and other paper works,flight tickets,accommodation e.t.c.)
Whatever your purpose of traveling, either for career advancement or continuing your education, you have to get a job first (if you don't have sponsors) Yes! You heard me right, get something doing first and be productive, life is never a bed of roses and wishing, you have to create what you want and if that includes traveling, you have to work towards it, here is how it works;

*Get a job(employed/self employed)
* Deny yourself some luxury, like cutting down your expenses on mobile and electronic gadgets, which is one major avenues draining pockets of youths in Nigeria, kill the unhealthy competition spirit to out do your friends with regards to owing the best phones, where you save close to 80,000 naira only to buy phones that doesn't fetch you money or increase your productivity, save that money towards your travel plans instead.
* save!!! ; with every penny you save the gradual it takes for you to reach a step further to attain your goals. Remember drops of water daily no matter how tinny will make a mighty pool of water with time, don't ignore saving those seemingly little amount of money.

3. Study abroad; this is by far the easiest, cheapest,affordable and best way for every interested Nigerian to travel out of the shores if Nigeria, this is made possible as a higher number of European Countries (Germany, Finland, Norway, Sweden and a host of others) offer free tuition in their colleges,universities and higher institute of learning. What this means is that all you need to do is to search online (using Google, Yahoo, Bing) for list of tuition free universities in Europe for international students, requirements and how to apply. If you are fortunate to be admitted you will be sent needed documents for you to process your visa at the embassy of the Country in your homeland, with this you stand a higher chances of your passport visa been stamped, instead of the traditional way of approaching the embassy for immigrant visa, which most Western Countries are not willing to give out, especially to young people (Nigerians) who they feel do not have needed credentials to add to the economy of their Country.This option still leaves us with the earlier advice to save as you will still need a kick off budget to fund your way abroad pending when you get a part time job while studying, as most schools in Europe allow students to work certain numbers of hours in a week, on or off campus to meet some financial needs.

4. Be highly talented; another easy way to migrate to Europe, America is to be gifted in sports, be it football, track and field, boxing, swimming and all forms of sports. If you are truly talented and exceptional, you will be spot out in due time to represent your state or Country, which will give you needed exposure to sports scout and agents who can make your travel dreams to Europe come through.

5. blood relatives abroad; having relations abroad who have attained the status of citizens and are willing to file/process a visa for you, largely increase your chances of relocating.

6. Employment ; if you are lucky to have a company that highly demand your skill and are willing to sponsor you, then you are on your way to achieving your travel plans. You can post your CV on ,a well reputable job search site in the United States for exposure to foreign employers (if your resume is exceptional awesome) or search online for sponsorship jobs abroad.

Do hope these list above will give you some needed push to put your travel plans and dreams in motion. Kindly bookmark this page,visit our article homepage,subscribe to our email list for future updates on additional travel tips to Canada, through the Canadian express Entry, recently introduced for skilled labour and host of traveling related post.

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  1. Enter your comment...I really need out of Nigeria I can't see my future here.pls anything i can do as far as its legal help me 08170325517


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