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How to register company with cac Nigeria online after successful name search

This steps below highlights the stages involved in Registering your company having earlier conducted a business name or company search online and you have received your Name reservation letter from CAC.

If you haven't done your Business name search we advice you to read our earlier article which will take you through steps needed to get name availability approval before you can proceed to register your business, click here to read that first before you can proceed to register your Business.

If you have done that please follow this NEXT steps.
1. visit and enter the Name availabilty search Code you received from the successful name search you had received and click proceed to display the name you meant to register
2. You will be required to fill out the registration name form
3. Required details to fill are the Business name, company address, phone numbers, proprietors and nature of business, then fill the certification column
4. after filling the form, submit it online to allow for processing
5. After submitting you will be required to pay the sum of =N=10,000 for Business Name, do note that company name attracts higher fees
6. After successful payment click on the action button in the drop down under name registration and download the form you have just filled.
7. have the proprietors sign their signature column
8. You will be required to take this form to the nearest magistrate or commissioner for oats for official stamping and signature to validate your attestation of details you had entered in the forms
9.  Take the duly stamped and signed form at the magistrate to the nearest CAC office in your area for submission, Note it has to be the one you had selected as where you will pick up your certificate while filling the online form.

NOTE: It is very important to download this form and submit it to CAC office, otherwise your application won't be processed and you wont have your certificate.

10. your certificate can take as long as one month to be available, so be patient. and check back with CAC office you submitted your forms for processing.

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